Moodboards are a great way to communicate ideas with my clients. I use them throughout a project to make sure my perceptions and creative input are in line with client’s expectations.

During initial phase of the concept development, I use this method to capture my clients’ style and vision. This isn’t an exact design yet, but more of a reflection on the brief that puts it into a visual perspective and helps us set the foundation for further design development. It also enables us to make sure we are on the same page and address areas that might need another thought.


Once I know where I’m heading, I begin to design the project in more detail. Along the drawings, budget planning and schedules, the moodboards for each area begin to reflect exact contents of furniture and finishes. Images collated in this way create a realistic interpretation of what is going to be installed in a room and help homeowners make quick and informed decisions. Given how busy we all are these days, this method of presentation enables a very efficient communication over email and helps the project run smoothly.

Seating Area.jpg

If a project involves a fair amount of bespoke finishes, such us flooring, joinery, soft furnishing, I put together physical moodboards with actual samples. It’s a perfect way for the client to experience colours, textures and finishes and see the scale of patterns before they make a final approval.

One of my moodboards made it to the list of 9 Luxury Interior Design Moodboards on Interior Style Hunter blog! Very grateful for being shortlisted amongst the other talented designers!


If you would like me to create a moodboard for your project, please book your Initial Design Consultation