Georgian Town House | Islington |London

New North Road is a personal renovation of two bedroom apartment in a mid 19th century terraced house in London. The project features a shower room, which highlights that it is possible to create a sophisticated, well-designed space using ethical and sustainable products.The original dark and unergonomic space has been remodeled and generous roof light added filling the space with natural light. All fixtures selected are designed to stand the test of time using manufacturing techniques and authentic raw materials to produce lasting reliability and beauty.



White Carrara Marble was ethically sourced directly from a small family business in Italy. The format of custom made tiles means that there’s little waste comparing to standard high-end selection of marble slabs that tend to eliminate any slabs with imperfections.

The Moroccan plaster was used on all the walls, including the shower area. This traditional lime-based plaster has been coloured using natural earth pigments - Raw Amber, Burn Siena and French Ochre and finished with black olive oil soap that provides the characteristic luster and waterproof quality.  Tadelakt is a natural product and doesn’t contain any harsh or toxic chemicals. Not only does it release 80% less CO2 than cement, but it also reabsorbs CO2 in its production, helping to lower the carbon footprint.

Vanity Unit – The drawer fronts are crafted with natural FSC oak veneered boards and stained with home made ebonizing dye I produced using steel wool and vinegar. The solution reacts with natural tannins present in oak wood and characteristic rich ebony colour develops. The top coat finish is of natural shellac and restoration wax that is a by-product of petroleum industry.The structure of the vanity drawers as well as the mirror cabinet were built using the waste laminated chipboards from a joinery workshop that were painted to suite the design.

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The ambience created resembles that of Moroccan baths that continue to be built by local craftsmen to this day. Materials are all about tactility, simplicity and timelessness and mineral, earthy colours bring harmony and the feeling of belonging to the space.

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C­hoosing those products was very important to highlight that well designed, beautiful interiors can be green. I’ve always felt best surrounded by earth born materials and my aim was to bring that feeling home.


Project Moodboards

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