Ground Floor Flat | Greenwich | London

A friend of mine bought his first flat in London and needed some ideas of how to best improve it without breaking a bank. We started to create his bachelor's pad only to discover his future wife on the horizon! Long story short, I was soon invited to the wedding! But below are some ideas that laid foundation to their lovely home. 


Existing utility area, accessible from the hallway, has been converted into a walk in wardrobe. The panelled wardrobe doors have been clad in antique mirror adding an extra sense of space and dynamics to the bedroom. 




Wardrobe drawing_2.jpg

The client has already owned some of the furniture which have been carefully incorporated into the scheme. My role was to assist with storage solutions (making the most out of the relatively small space), lighting layout and overall decoration scheme. We have also remodelled access to the basement by replacing the floor hatch, positioned in the middle of the sizeable hallway, with a conveniently located staircase that would allow free access without obstructing everyday pathway. 

Master Bedroom Moodboard.jpg